Letters of Appreciation

…Hope this letter of mine finds you in test of your health: First of all, let me oppologise to you for the delay in writing a letter to you.  Please forgive me .
I always remember you and will continue to remember you through out my life…

Dr. Govind namdeo borulkar
Ex-superintendant G. T. Hospital was suffering from cervical “Spoundylosis with cord Compression” in first week of Jan. 1998. I had consulted different concerned specialists in Thane, Bombay & Ultimately approached Dr. Keki E. Turel…


Thank you very much for treating my father to the path of recovery.

We are feeling much relieved. Our entire family is much indebted to you. Now, he is much better. His Neuro Physiotherapic Exercises have been started here.



Doctors are God’s service engineers  ,   Resoundingly so the expert surgeons ,  Kinds of nuances so many to master ,

Ensuring cure with sure deft finger


 Please refer to your letter dated 01 Jul 99 addressed to His Excellency,

The Governor of Maharashtra,
We, in the Armed forces, deeply appreciate your patriotic fevour and the offer of your services to the soldiers fighting the toughest battles in the most inhospitable environs.



I am 48yr old, Pathologist. About 6 yrs ago,  I had Dental pain, which took almost 1 yr and so many dental procedures, finally to be diagnosed as Trigeminal Neuralgia. Since last 5 yrs,life had become a hell. Always taking lots of tablets for pain, in full doses, which used to give only partial relief.
In all these 5yrs, underwent so many treatments for it like RFTC( pulsed radio frequency nerve ablation) 4 times, alcohol injection locally 3 times,  phenol injection once and gamma knife radiation once also.
Every time, the relief was not more than 4 to 6 months, that too was with tablets. The life was getting miserable, lost interest in everything. The whole family was getting disturbed. I was thinking that only death is going to relieve me from this. The only good thing was that my husband, who is an Ophthalmoligst, and other family members could understand my problem and pain through which I was going through.
Then finally we decided to go for neurosurgery(MVD), which is supposed to be the only definitive treatment for it. I underwent it about 4 months ago.
WOW!!!!What an amazing result. The moment I came out of anaesthesia, I indicated my husband that the pain of neuralgia is gone totally. Now the pain has gone as if it wasn’t there. Not taking any  medicine for that. I never thought that I can have such painfree life again. Life has again become beautiful,  started dancing again, my hobby. A lot of thanks to Dr. Keiki Turel and his team.


Hello Doctor,
As your patient, I am profusely thankful to you for sparing so much of your precious
time for going through my scan reports and talking to us this evening. You are extremely
caring and comforting and whilst you are such an important and renowned Doctor, as a
human being your benevolence is unparallelled.
I am also extremely grateful to you for treating my old mother Mrs Vidyarthi and my
wife too and am overwhelmed by your kind gesture to me.
With warm regards & good wishes to you and your family,


 It  was  great  occasion  to  meet  you  during  the  activities  of  the  second middle east spine  society  held  in  Izmir  Turkey  during  16-19 may 2013 ,  I  have  great  honor to know you  as  one  of  the  great  spine  figures in  our  region  and  in  the  world , I  hope  the  communications between  us  to  continue.

Dr.  Abubakr Darrag Salim Ahmed
Consultant Neurosurgeon
Shaab  hospital

Meanwhile, please let me know if I can use these tablets as per attachment.  Levipil was not available so the chemist in Goa gave me Levepsy 500.  It seems to be the same, only the tablet is not oval shape.  But you check the picture and let me know if I can take it- and twice a day. 
Doctor, how long should I take these tablets ?  and for what reason exactly? Pls let me know honestly.   Sometimes , I feel a tightness in my right ear (the side I am operated).  What is the reason ?
Everytime I thank God for a doctor like you .  I even gave a testimony in my prayer meeting in church.
Doctor, I thank you so much for you have brought a smile not only on my face but my family and everyone around, specially my kids.